Why Furniture Restoration Is Cost Effective 

by | May 11, 2023

Why Furniture Restoration Is Cost Effective 

Restoring furniture is so much more than saving money.

It is preserving the memories, stories, and history that come with our antique furniture.

Also, restoration lets you add more life to your unique furniture. It’s like having a piece of vintage still staying relevant and stylish in modern times, a charm new pieces cannot provide.

So here is why restoring your antique furniture is cost-effective, whether you own a family heirloom or a purchase from a thrift store that could use some TLC.

You Cannot Put a Price on Sentimental Value 

Family heirlooms and antiques have a special place in our hearts as they hold sentimental value, memories, and history.

Most times, you inherit these items, passed down from generation to generation. Thus each dent or scratch has a story and a few laughs or cries behind it.

Over time these pieces stop becoming possessions. They become part of your family history, and preserving them for future generations is the most logical thing to do.

Whether it is the dining table where your great-grandparents shared their first meal or a rocking chair your mom used to sit on while trying to get you to sleep, these old pieces of furniture have a story to tell.

Therefore, restoring furniture is not only important, but it has sentimental value that you cannot replace by purchasing new furniture. 

It allows you to preserve all the cherished items. Then, when the time is right, you can pass them to your children, friends, or relatives so they can also appreciate the furniture’s beauty and history.

Retains the Vintage Charm

Antique furniture has stood the test of time, unlike purchasing new furniture built using freshly cut wood or wood variations like mass timber. 

They have also survived generations and still remain usable. So, by restoring old furniture, you help retain the vintage charm.

You also preserve history, as there is something heartwarming about having a piece of furniture that your ancestors once owned.

Moreover, unique craftsmanship built most antique furniture, as no modern tools were available. So by restoring the furniture, you help preserve the traditional woodwork methods.

Therefore, whether you’re a fan of mid-century modern or classic Victorian designs, restoring vintage furniture can help you save on costs while maintaining its original charm and quality.

Get Expert Wood Furniture Restoration Services to Save on Costs

Restoration offers a sustainable alternative for owning furniture without impacting the environment. And in a world where pollution is becoming a menace, playing your part in conserving the environment is very important.

But to restore your wooden furniture to its former glory or even make it look much better, you need professionals to work their magic, where each piece is unique.

At Wild Woodworking we also listen to your needs and concerns and develop a restoration plan that suits your budget and style. 

Then, we use our skills to restore your furniture carefully, whether it is a delicate antique or a sturdy farmhouse table. 

Get in touch with us to schedule a furniture restoration consultation. We have the skills, and the eco-friendly practices, to make your experience a breeze.

Helps Reduce Waste and is Environmentally Friendly

Some modern building products cause pollution by emitting gasses into the air. While some insulation containing asbestos may cause health risks like: 

  • Scarring of lungs that makes breathing difficult
  • Chest or stomach cavity lining cancer-Mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer 

Also, disposing of furniture to buy new ones instead of restoring them causes a buildup of landfills which causes pollution.

But restoration reduces the need for new resources and hence does not contribute to landfill waste.

In fact, restoration is so environmentally friendly that we have compiled a comparison table showing the environmental benefits of furniture restoration versus buying new furniture.

Environmental Benefit Furniture Restoration Buying New Furniture
Reduces Waste Yes No
Decreases Landfill Use Yes No
Reduces Resource Consumption Yes No
Reduces Carbon Footprint Yes No
Preserves Natural Resources Yes No
Promotes Sustainability Yes No

You Can Customize the Furniture to You Liking

Even though you can still purchase furniture that fits your style, it does not beat having your old furniture customized to fit your current preference.

And what do we mean by customization?

This entails sanding it down to expose the beautiful wood grains underneath, adding new paint, or a few accessories to make it more functional.

For example, if you inherited a dining table from your grandmother, but the colour does not fit your space, you can have professionals like us sand it down to expose the wood grain or apply another colour that matches your theme.

We can also modify wooden furniture to your liking by changing the design of the arms or legs of a chair, adding drawers and shelves to a cabinet and so much more.