Which Wood Makes the Best Furniture?

by | Jun 21, 2024

Which Wood Makes the Best Furniture?

When creating furniture, the type of wood you choose is crucial. The suitable wood not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your furniture but also determines its durability and functionality. At Wild Woodworking, we’ve spent years working with various woods, restoring and refinishing countless pieces, which gives us a unique perspective on which woods make the best furniture. Here’s our take on the best woods for furniture and how we can help you keep your treasured pieces looking their best.

Hardwoods vs. Softwoods

Before diving into specific types of wood, it’s essential to understand the fundamental distinction between hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods, such as oak, maple, and walnut, come from deciduous trees that lose their leaves annually. These woods are generally denser and more durable, ideal for high-use furniture like dining tables and chairs. Conversely, softwoods come from evergreen trees like pine, cedar, and fir. They are usually lighter and less dense, making them easier to work with but less durable for high-traffic furniture pieces.

Top Choices for Furniture


Oak is a classic choice for furniture. Its strength and durability are unmatched, making it ideal for pieces that see a lot of use. Oak’s prominent grain pattern gives it a distinctive look, and it takes stains well, allowing for various finishes. It’s a favourite for dining tables, chairs, and desks.


Maple is another hardwood that stands out for its durability and resistance to wear. Even texture and light colour make it a versatile option that can complement various interior styles. Maple is often used for cabinets, flooring, and high-end furniture.


Walnut is prized for its rich, dark colour and straight grain. It’s a solid yet manageable wood, perfect for intricate woodworking. Walnut is often used for headboards, intricate cabinetry, and high-quality desks.


Cherry wood is known for its smooth grain and warm, reddish-brown colour that deepens over time. It’s slightly softer than oak and maple but durable enough for fine furniture. Cherry is famous for elegant pieces like dressers and dining room sets.


Pine is a softwood that’s easy to work with and widely available, making it a cost-effective choice. While not as durable as hardwoods, pine can be used for furniture that doesn’t endure heavy use, such as bookshelves and side tables. Its light colour and knots give it a rustic charm.

Why Choose Wild Woodworking?

At Wild Woodworking, we understand that even the best furniture can show signs of wear and tear over time. Whether you have a cherished heirloom piece or a modern favourite, our expert craftsmen can restore and refinish your wood furniture to its original glory.


Restoration involves returning your piece to its former condition. This may include repairing broken parts, replacing missing elements, or reinforcing weak structures. Our skilled team have the expertise to handle furniture from different eras, ensuring that each piece is restored with care and precision.


Refinishing involves removing the old finish and applying a new one, giving your furniture a fresh look. This process can completely transform a piece, allowing you to change its colour or restore its original shine. We use high-quality stains and finishes to ensure your furniture looks great and protects.

At Wild Woodworking, we’re passionate about wood furniture. We believe that with the right care and attention, your furniture can last a lifetime and beyond. Whether you’re looking to invest in new pieces made from the finest woods or need expert restoration and refinishing services, we’re here to help. Contact us today, and let’s bring out the best in your wood furniture.