Attractive, Cost-Effective Furniture Repair Services

for Homeowners and Businesses

Furniture Repair and Restoration

Good furniture is an investment in comfort and reliability. Just like anything of value, it may require some upkeep over time. We have the tools, materials, and expertise to recondition your property in the shortest amount of time. From structural damage to cosmetic touch ups, Wild Woodworking can save the day!

Custom Finishing

No job is too big or too small for Wild Woodworking. We’re capable of restoring the appearance of everything from your residential millwork to that new side table you picked up at the antique shop. Need help choosing a nice colour? Want your event venue to look its best on your wedding day? We are always happy to apply our talents. Let’s discuss your refurbishing needs.

Cabinetry Refacing

Are you tired of staring at a kitchen that looks like something out of a TV sitcom from 40 years ago? It may be time for a new style, but that doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. Why pay for new cabinets and installation when we can work our magic for a brand-new aesthetic? We’ll update your busiest rooms at a fraction of the cost with less disruption to your day.

On Site Cosmetic Touch-Ups

Accidents happen. Don’t allow those little imperfections in your furniture to drive you crazy! That scuff or burn mark is much easier for a professional to get rid of than trying to figure it out yourself. Get in touch, and we’ll save you the time and expense of browsing your local hardware store for a miracle fix that’s not going to happen.

Vinyl Repair and Redye

Vinyl is nice because it’s so easy to clean but also susceptible to scratches and tears. So how bad is it when your favourite sofa or chair suffers damage in a noticeable spot? Before you consider replacing the whole thing, contact the pros at Wild Woodworking for a quick assessment. Regarding vinyl, leave the repairs and colour-matching to the pros.

Small Upholstery Projects

Nobody wants to sit in a chair that is stained or uncomfortable. Covering up embarrassing marks with throw blankets and padded cushions isn’t a fix. Adding new foam and re-covering those chairs is a wise and affordable option. Which piece of furniture could use a little sprucing up in your home? Let’s discuss new colours and fabric options that will enhance your space.

Custom Woodworking

If you’ve got ideas for a new bookshelf or table but can’t find one in the right size, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for something generic. Wild Woodworking is familiar with all kinds of building projects and techniques. We’re happy to build something to your specifications if you’ve got something special in mind.

Onsite Inspections and Repairs

Do you need us to stop by for an estimate on some possible work? We’re honest with our customers. If we can’t do the job, we’ll let you know. Get in touch, and we’ll figure out all the particulars.


The beauty of leather is that it’s durable, timeless, and elegant. Like a fine wine, it improves with age. It’s a material that gets softer and more comfortable with frequent use. If your furniture is scratched, sun damaged, or torn, it doesn’t mean you have to buy and break in a new replacement. Be advised those do-it-yourself repair kits rarely deliver the results you want. Wild Woodworking knows all the tricks for repairing and maintaining your leather.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Discover the art of Antique Furniture Restoration with Wild Woodworking. Uncover the timeless beauty hidden within aged pieces. At Wild Woodworking, we believe that every piece of antique furniture has a story to tell, and our Antique Furniture Restoration service is dedicated to preserving and revitalizing these tales from the past. With a passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to preserving the integrity of each piece, our team of skilled artisans meticulously restores antique furniture to its former glory.