Identifying Quality Furniture

by | Aug 31, 2023

Identifying Quality Furniture

High-quality furniture can last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. If you have pieces worn down due to age or out of style, refurbishing outdated or worn, refurbishing your existing or second-hand high-quality furniture is a sustainable, cost-effective way to extend the life of your furniture and get customized pieces that fit your needs and style. 

Buying second-hand furniture is a great way to save some money and lessen your environmental footprint. If you are looking for pieces for the purpose of refurbishment, high-quality furniture is the best choice. Quality furniture involves assessing various factors such as materials, construction, craftsmanship, and design. Here are some key points to consider when evaluating furniture for its quality:



Look for solid wood furniture made from hardwoods like oak, maple, walnut, or cherry. Avoid furniture made from particleboard, MDF, or veneer over composite wood, as these materials are generally of lower quality.


Check the fabric or leather quality for durability and comfort. High-quality upholstery materials should feel sturdy and resist wear and tear.



Well-constructed furniture will have sturdy joints, such as dovetail, mortise, and tenon joints, rather than glued or nailed joints that can weaken over time.


 Test the stability of the furniture by wiggling it gently. It should feel solid and not wobble or sway.

Drawer Functionality

 If the furniture has drawers, check that they glide smoothly and have stops to prevent them from falling out.

Craftsmanship and design


Examine the craftsmanship in detail, like seams, stitching, and finishing. Quality furniture will have precise, even stitching and well-finished edges.

Proportion and Balance

 Quality furniture design takes into consideration proportion and balance, resulting in a visually pleasing piece.


Consider if the design is timeless and can fit well in various interior styles, as opposed to trends that may go out of style quickly.

Brand and Reputation

Established brands with a reputation for producing high-quality furniture are generally a safer bet. Research reviews and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction.


Quality furniture tends to be heavier due to the use of solid wood and better construction techniques.

Reasons to refurbish existing furniture

Refurbishing high-quality furniture offers a range of benefits that go beyond saving money. 

There are many reasons why refurbishing high-quality pieces can be a great alternative to buying new furniture. 

Preservation of craftsmanship and longevity

high-quality furniture often has exceptional craftsmanship that can be difficult to find in modern pieces. These pieces often need to be fixed aesthetically or need minor repairs such as new cushion stuffing, fabric, or sanding. Refurbishing these pieces breathes new life into an already exceptionally crafted piece. 

Environmental responsibility

Refurbishing existing furniture reduces the demand for new furniture production, which is resource-intensive and can contribute to deforestation and pollution. Giving new life to existing furniture helps minimize your ecological footprint and is sustainable. 


High-quality furniture is built to last, meaning that these pieces are often very expensive when new. Refurbishing allows you to restore the furniture to its original glory at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new high-quality pieces.

Emotional value

Family heirlooms, or pieces you have had for years, can hold a lot of sentimental value. Refurbishing allows you and your family to continue to use and love these pieces for years to come. 


Refurbishing gives you an opportunity to customize your furniture to fit your current tastes and update dated pieces. During refurbishment, you can choose new fabrics, finishes, and hardware that fit with your vision for the space.

Wild Woodworking can refurbish any piece of furniture

Evaluating quality furniture is a combination of objective observations and personal preferences. Wild woodworking will rework any furniture to turn it into a contemporary piece that matches your aesthetic and needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can give new life to your existing high-quality furniture.