Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration and Repair

Good furniture is an investment in comfort and reliability. Just like anything of value, it may require some upkeep over time. We have the tools, materials, and expertise to recondition your property and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Over time, furniture can lose its lustre and charm because of natural wear, tear, and age. That’s where Wild Woodworking comes in! Our skilled team are passionate about giving new life to your treasured heirlooms and sentimental furnishings.

Whether it’s a vintage table with scratches, a worn-out armchair with grayed and faded upholstery, or an antique dresser in need of a makeover, our restoration team will restore your beloved pieces.
By choosing our furniture restoration service, you are choosing sustainability. Instead of discarding worn or outdated furniture, restoring existing pieces is both good for your wallet and the planet. Experience the joy of rediscovering your quality furniture reworked. From structural damage to cosmetic touch-ups, Wild Woodworking can save the day with your furniture restoration and repair.

Furniture Restoration and Repair, Wild Woodworking