Furniture Repair Vancouver

When you need your furniture repaired, you want to ensure you will receive quality service delivered by professionals. Wild Woodworking has been showcasing our unparalleled craftsmanship since 1994.

Our services include:

  • furniture restoration
  • furniture repair
  • custom finishing
  • On-site cosmetic touch-ups
  • Vinyl Repair and redye
  • Custom woodworking
  • Onsite inspections and repairs
Incorporating Old Furniture to Suit Modern Design, Wild Woodworking
Furniture Repair Vancouver, Before and After of Wooden desk, Wild Woodworking

Furniture repair done right

From cabinets to couches and chairs to wood surfaces of all kinds, we can take your existing furniture needing repair and make it feel like a brand-new item. From upholstery repair to wood restoration, furniture repair is the backbone of our business.

Wild Woodworking has earned our reputation as a quality restoration company. Our repair services bring new life into your existing or thrifted furniture.

Proudly serving the Lower Mainland for over 25 years

When you work with us, you work with expert technicians with decades of experience and dedication. From Vancouver to Chilliwack and beyond, we ensure our customers leave with furniture they are proud to use and display in their homes.

Antiques don’t have to look old

Quality furniture is built to last, meaning our beloved pieces can sometimes begin to look outdated or shabby after so many years of love and use.

Refinishing, replacing upholstery, and treating the leather can make your older furniture look and feel new.

Contact Wild Woodworking for furniture repairs in Vancouver

For furniture restoration, repairs, and other services in Vancouver and surrounding areas, send us a detailed message with as much information as you have. The more we know, the better we can estimate the costs.


Please send us a detailed message with as much information as you can about your project. The more we know, the easier it will be to estimate the costs and timeline involved. We work all over the lower mainland from Vancouver to Chilliwack!

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